Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Product Spotlight: Toy Story 3: Ultimate Sticker Book

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Toy Story 3: Ultimate Sticker Book Review

About the Book: Woody and Buzz are back! And so are all of your Toy Story favorites. Discover the world behind-the-scenes and the lives behind the toys in this ultimate sticker book of Pixar's first and most classic franchise - Toy Story.
Andy is off to college, but what will become of his beloved toys? Collect and decorate with stickers from the newest movie in the Toy Story canon - Toy Story 3!

Our Take: Toy Story 3 is a HUGE hit.  Big shocker, right?  I think we all saw that one coming.   Along with a huge hit in the kids market comes a score of merchandise, especially books!  The Toy Story 3 Ultimate Sticker Book from DK stands out as one of the best products for the money on the market right now.   It includes both images from the film and drawings of the characters in sticker form and gives you tons of scenes to apply the stickers to.  This one is great for kids or the adult collector!

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