Friday, July 16, 2010

Product Spotlight - Mattel Toy Story 3

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Mattel has released some great Action Links playsets!   These stunt sets combine great elements and scenes from Toy Story 3 to let kids be part of the action!  These products are a TON of fun and great for kids and collectors alike!  You can buy these online on or in stores like Super Target and Toys 'R Us!

Today we're featuring the Junkyard Escape, Jessie to the Rescue and Sunnyside Breakout!

Sunnyside Breakout

Mattel Toy Story 3 ACTION LINKSTM Sunnyside Breakout Stunt SetHelp your Toy Story 3 friends escape! Take your favorite characters on a thrilling adventure straight out of the movie, Toy Story 3.

Push out the bin, fly across the zip line to freedom and watch out for Big Baby as you slide down the slide to safety - each zany stunt triggers the next! This set can be connected with other Action LinksTM Stunt Sets for worlds of movie-inspired fun. Includes 2 figures.

Junkyard Escape
Toy Story 3 Action Links Junkyard Escape: Relive the final climactic scene in the Disney/Pixar film, Toy Story 3, with the ultimate play set. Featuring loads of action and adventure, this set includes great stunts like the conveyor belt and the claw!

Filled with jumping, spinning, flipping and climbing action, every crazy stunt triggers the next. This play set can be combined with other Action Links sets for hours of movie play fun. Includes 3 figures and works with other Toy Story Buddy figures

Jessie to the Rescue Stunt Set
This assortment of 3 Action Links playsets give kids a variety of ways to take their Buddy Pack figures on a wild adventure.

Each modular playset works completely on its own or can be reconfigured and combined with another playset to build an entire Toy Story world. Each playset comes with one 2-inch figure.

Whats great about these sets?  Well, firstly they come with packed-in Toy Story 3 buddy figures.  This is a great bonus, since they are usually sold in the 2-packs for $8 or $9 in stores.  The sets we're examining have some great buddies, like Lotso, Woody, Jessie, Alien and Big Baby!  You can also see some examples of the great 2-packs below!

A huge thank you to our friends at Mattel for these product samples and for making such a fun toyline!

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