Friday, June 25, 2010

Product Spotlight: Toy Story 3 Space Shooter Target Game!

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Toy Story 3 Space Shooter Target Game!

This game is a TON of fun.  We got it out and the kids went nuts!  Its very active game play and lots of action.  The game is also great for collectors with the nice window packaging and that cool Buzz Lightyear blaster!
Toy Story 3 Space Shooter Target Game lets kids role play as Buzz Lightyear! Players fire the blaster across the board and free the toys. It is a fast-paced target game with rapid motorized firing action! Grab your blaster and swing into action to save Woody and the gang. Activate your shooter and target enemy toys. You can see how it feels to be Buzz Lightyear as he helps save the good toys from the Evil Lotso at the Sunny Side Day Care.
Toy Story 3 Space Shooter Target Game includes:

  • Targets

  • Game board

  • 10 foam discs

  • Batteries not included 

    You can buy it online:

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