Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Product Spotlight: Toy Story 3: The Essential Guide Hardcover Book

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Toy Story 3: The Essential Guide Hardcover Book Review

About the Book: Woody and Buzz are back! And so are all of your Toy Story favorites. Discover the world behind-the-scenes and the lives behind the toys in this ultimate guide of Pixar's first and most classic franchise - Toy Story.

Toy Story 3 introduces new toys, new adventures, and new challenges to Andy's beloved animated friends. Get the inside scoop in this essential guide.

Our Take: We, like so many others, ventured off to the theaters this past weekend to see the new Toy Story 3.  Its been 11 years since a Toy Story film was in the theaters.  My wife and I saw toy Story 2 in the theater when we were newlyweds.  This time we got to bring our 7 year, 6 year and 7 month olds with us!  It was quite the treat.  The film is beyond expectations and manages not only to be funny and charming, but quite the emotionally moving epic, as we see the aftermath of what happens to the toys when Andy grows up.

In honor of Toy Story 3, DK has released the essential guide to the movie.  This hardcover book is a fantastic look inside the new film and characters.  Beware that it's riddled with spoiler alerts about the plot, so if you haven't seen the film first, you should probably wait to crack this baby open.

The book is filled with full-color images of the new and old characters, along with a ton of data on each one!  Its a great read for kids or adult fans of the franchise.  The price can't be beat, either!  I definately recommend this one.

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